One of the most popular yet simple partnership models available for everyone. You can use your partner’s hyperlink on your website, in your blog, in your social network account, or just share it with a friend who is interested in financial markets. Start attracting potential clients now in order to begin receiving your remuneration.

Formula for Calculating the Partner’s Remuneration:

P = V/1 000 000 * 30 USD

where P – Partner’s Remuneration.
V – total volume of operations made by the Partner’s client’s in USD.
30 USD – is the remuneration amount per million of traded volume.

Example of Partner’s Remuneration Calculation:

  1. For example, the client has opened a BUY order in GBP/USD pair with the size of 10 lots at 1.30000 rate, and closed it later at 1.31000. The total transactions’ volume was 10 lots.
  2. We will now convert lots into basic currency, recalling that 1 lot is equal to the 100 000 amount in basic currency. In our case GBP is the basic currency, so buying 10 lots is: 10 lots * 1,30000(GBP/USD rate at open) * 100 000 (of basic currency) = 1 300 000 USD, at order’s close of 10 lots (sale): 10 lots * 1,31000 (GBP/USD rate at close) * 100 000 = 1 310 000 USD Finally, our trade’s volume in USD will make 1 300 000 USD + 1 310 000 USD = 2 610 000 USD
  3. We’ll calculate the Partner’s remuneration for the 10 lots in client’s transaction in GBP/USD: 2 610 000 USD/1 000 000 USD*30 USD = 78.3 USD.

How to become a partner?

  • Use “Open Account” button. Fill in the client’s questionnaire. After the registration you will get access to your multifunctional client area.
  • As soon as you are logged in to your client area, you will need to pass verification procedure in the “Documents” section. You will need to upload your passport scan or photo with the passport data page and a document confirming your address (such as a valid utility bill).
  • When the verification is done, please proceed to the “Accounts->Personal accounts” section of your client area to open a personal account.
  • After you have created your personal account, a “Partners” section will become available for you. Please select “Partners->Partner Account” menu, read the agreement and open your Partner account.
  • After the Partner account is opened, “Statistics” section with information on clients attracted by you, will become available. The “Instruments” section with your Partner link will also become available.